Hyundai I30 vs Ford Focus Zetec Edition : where should you spend your money?

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I recently had the opportunity to drive both of these cars, for a week each, as a short-term rental agreement from that well known UK car hire company with US values…..

That got me thinking. If I was in the market to buy a brand new model of either of these, which one would I choose, and why?

First up was the Ford Focus Zetec, retailing from an eye-watering £19,635.00 at a Ford dealer near you. My initial impressions were very favourable – lovely looking car, great drive, and a very comfortable ride. And to be completely fair, those impressions lasted the entire week I drove it. This is a really nice, really comfortable car that’s a great drive – with the added bonus that it is genuinely really, really good on fuel economy.

Moving round the country I swapped to the significantly less pricey Hyundai I30 (starting from a mere £16,995 – nearly £3k less than the Focus) for the second week of my travels – a little regretfully actually, as I’d enjoyed the Ford Focus Zetec very much.

The regret was short lived. The Hyundai I30 is a significantly better driving experience than the Zetec, and I genuinely did not expect to be saying that after a very enjoyable week in the Focus. Where the I30 outstrips its rival is in the cornering – it’s smoother, faster, better – and in fact overall it does handle and drive better in all conditions. (My elderly father would like me to point out here that the I30’s seats are significantly more comfortable too – I can’t say I really noticed too much difference, but he was adamant that whole second week that the passenger seat experience was a considerable improvement!).

When you run through the manufacturer’s specs for both cars, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of difference between the two models. So I’d say the real differences are the ride, drive and price: and the Hyundai I30 is the clear winner in all of those categories, making this a very one-sided competition in the end.

So for what it’s worth, my very humble opinion is that the Hyundai I30 is one of the better ways to spend the best part of £17k out there. Of course I, like so many of us, now have to wonder where I’m going to raise that initial seventeen thousand from to be able to afford this great little car….best go and buy myself a lottery ticket I guess!

~ The cars mentioned in this article were Driven by and Written about by Gary Fixter ~

Top 5 Summer Car Leases of 2017

With the terrible weather hopefully behind us, we can look forward to what the leasing world has to offer when it comes to cars that are not only affordable but also have that summer sunroof aka convertibles! This isn’t a definitive list of all the convertibles available to lease on the market but it is my personal list of best convertibles to get this summer 2017.

Here my list of five of the best affordable convertibles that’ll help you soak up those 2 weeks of summer rays in the UK…

Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet


Mercedes-Benz C Class

C250d AMG Line Premium Plus 2dr Auto

  • Profile:
  • 9+23
  • Mileage:
  • 10k


Per Month, INC VAT

£3,599.91 initial payment

Personal Leasing Deal by: Carleasing-Online

The Mercedes C-Class is one of the most popular cars on any leasing website and there is no shortage of reasons why this is the case. It has the classy looks, a luxurious interior/exterior and plethora of class-leading engines put it ahead of its  closest cost competitors. This doesn’t even include the fact that there is even a convertible option for those sun lovers.

The wide range of engines to choose from include the punchy and refined diesels being the go-to choice for many offering all the power of the petrol variants, all while keep those pesky running costs in check too. Unlike most of convertibles on the market, this is one that’s a true four-seater, so it should be a hit with every family of 4.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider


Alfa Romeo 4C

1.75 TBi 2dr TCT

  • Profile:
  • 9+23
  • Mileage:
  • 8k


Per Month, INC VAT

£3,799.08 initial payment

Personal Leasing Deal by: Blue Chilli Car Contracts Ltd

Many praised the German-troling Giulia as a fresh start for the  Italian brand, but short memories comes to mind. Honestly, it was the 4C sports car that really put Alfa back on track when it arrived on the scene a few years ago.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the 4C Spider is probably one of the best-looking drop-tops that can be had at this price, but thanks to a clever carbon-fibre body and its centre-mounted engine, it is the most fun to drive too. If you’ve got a taste for Ferrari but haven’t the budget to match said taste, then this Alfa is going to be your new best friend.

Mazda MX-5 RF


Mazda MX-5

1.5 SE-L Nav 2dr

  • Profile:
  • 6+47
  • Mileage:
  • 10k


Per Month, INC VAT

£1,908.00 initial payment

Personal Leasing Deal by: CarLease UK

The latest addition to the MX-5 range has been designed to look more of a coupe than a roofless roadster. The sleek metalwork has replaced the ragtop, but you can still fold it away nicely should you want to or feel the need for a Sunday drive in the sun.

I think it takes the form of a fastback rather than an all-out convertible but, with our amazingly unpredictable weather here in the UK, we’d actually argue you’ll be glad of that extra protection from the elements 52 weeks of the year.

Audi A5 Cabriolet


Audi A5

2.0 TDI 150 S Line 2dr [Nav]

  • Profile:
  • 9+47
  • Mileage:
  • 8k


Per Month, INC VAT

£3,759.21 initial payment

Personal Leasing Deal by: CarLease UK

The Audi A5 Cabriolet has been a bit of a hit in the UK for years, and the recently updated version now sits on the company’s newest MLB platform. This means it actually gets exactly the same sharp handling and an identical set of engines as the highly praised Coupe verions.

Wearing the most desirable badge in motoring industry is one thing, but it’s the interior that really impresses me. Put the roof in position and you will be hard-pressed to tell you’re even in a soft-top, but put it down (in under 20 seconds), and it makes the A5 that extra bit special.

Smart ForTwo Cabriolet

smart cabrio

Smart Fortwo Cabrio

1.0 Prime Premium 2dr

  • Profile:
  • 9+35
  • Mileage:
  • 8k


Per Month, INC VAT

£1,708.56 initial payment

Personal Leasing Deal by: V4B Ltd

If your monthly budget can’t quite stretch to the monster cars above, then have no fear, I have your back. The answer could come in the form of the miniature Smart ForTwo! Yup, the iconic city car is actually available without a roof, and is the least costly convertible online to lease.

While it’s a little less lavish than an S-Class inside, Smarts are actually built by Mercedes believe it or not, a company well known thanks to their top notch materials and very solid build quality. Not only is it cheap to lease, but very cheap to run too – with its 69bhp variant is capable of up to 60mpg which means a full tank will net you around 450 miles.

Written by Gary Fixter

How to make sure you get the best deal when you buy a car

gary fixter

Gary Fixter

Buying a car can be scary. Most of us have to think about it at some point and, if not tackled in the right way, it isn’t hard to wind up having a bad experience. How do we know that we’re getting the best deal on it that we possibly could? I’ve decided to try and tackle this most essential of questions; so I’m here to give you my top tips on getting the best deal when you decide to buy a car, new or used.

Easily the most important thing that any hopeful car buyer must do is research. Do you want to buy new or used? Do you buy from a dealership or privately? How much do you know about the car you’re planning on getting? All of these questions need answering BEFORE you commit to anything.
New cars obviously have their benefits. Namely its newness, you needn’t worry about unknown history. You get the full warranty package and any and all sweeteners the car comes with and you can choose the exact specification. In the end though, I’d usually recommend buying a used car. Not only do you get an enormous breadth of choice, but you also have the obvious benefit of price reduction. About 20% of a cars original value is wiped out as it leaves the showroom. Used cars are also (arguably) better for research, as the model has a history that you can look into and understand how reliable and efficient it is, aside from company jargon.
Buying from a dealership however is probably a better idea. Though it may cost more than buying privately, they offer far more protection. This makes dealerships the obvious safer bet, though again it may cost a tad more.
Before you get around to deciding your car, you should also ensure you’ve thoroughly figured out how much it’ll cost to run. Even at the point of physically seeing the car you want, don’t forget to test drive it. (If necessary) you could even think about renting a car of the same model before you commit to buying it; this lets you not only work out the running costs, but also be sure you actually like driving it.

Buying for the right price
Now that we have all that out of the way we can finally get onto what you came here for. The main event, actually negotiating your price. It’s important that you remember to haggle, bargain hard or you won’t get the price you want. Remember these dealers are paid to negotiate like this, and it’s expected of you too. The first rule is to never pay the list price, that’s a fool move. As I said they do this all the time, so you’ll need to switch things up, a good way is to not threaten to walk out. Do it. People threaten to walk away all the time, but very few do, so by leaving the dealer will realise you’re serious and almost certainly lower the price.
Don’t pay full price for extra options you don’t want, and maybe think about asking for little extras to be thrown in. If necessary, pit the dealerships against each other to get the best price, and try and by during sale periods, this will definitely help you get the most for your money.

By following all these tips you should easily be able to get the best price you can for your car. Good luck finding the car of your dreams, and remember to read what you’re signing before signing it. Happy hunting!

Best Hot Hatch Lease under £200 per month

Gary Fixter Leasing

Gary Fixter

Here are the best hot hatches for £200 per month

Petrol heads have been fond of small, sporty hatchbacks ever since they hit the market in the eighties. The appeal is obvious; they’re fast, practical, stylish, and perhaps most importantly, affordable too. So if you’re looking for something equally at home on a country road and in the city, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Here are some of the best options, each for only £200 per month or less:


The Polo GTI, baby brother of the legendary Golf GTI, may look like an everyday Polo at first glance. But don’t be fooled – this is a small car packing a serious punch. Its twin-turbocharged 1.8L engine delivers an impressive 189bhp, which is enough to take it from 0-60 in 6.7 seconds and on to a top speed of 146mph. The 2017 model has been given a facelift too, with more aggressive styling and larger alloys as standard.

It’s yours for a sliver over £200 per month.

Abarth 595

Abarth is Fiat’s in-house tuning division, and is well known for taking small Italian cars and making them much, much quicker. The 595, one of Abarth’s most recent creations, is no exception. Based on the Fiat 500, but with a turbocharged 1.4L engine, Brembo brakes and uprated shocks, it’s going down a storm among the UK’s trendy young motoring enthusiasts. It looks the part too; a wider body kit and twin tailpipes give the Abarth a meaner, more track-focussed appearance.

According to WhatCar, you could bag yourself an Abarth for as little as £154 per month before VAT.

Ford Fiesta ST-1

Fast Fords have always been the go-to favourite for boy racers looking for a cheap thrill, and the ST-1 doesn’t disappoint. It’s a lot of car in an affordable package; the 1.6L turbocharged engine pumps out 180bhp, which increases to 197bhp upon activation of the intriguingly named “overboost” feature. It’s well equipped inside too, with a 4.2 inch touch screen and heated seats, while the ample interior space means you can fit the whole family inside with ease.

The ST-1 is available directly from Ford for a very reasonable £195 per month.